Aug 10

A Look at the Health Risks Associated with Mobile Phone Radiation

Mobile phones – where would we be without them? It’s hard to remember that but two decades ago people were walking the street without them; and it wasn’t all that big a deal. Times have changed, though, and some would argue that technology often goes to fast – it’s only now that we are starting to understand how mobile phones can actually damage us in some ways. But why would phones be so dangerous? Aren’t they the same as a television or a radio? Is it that different? Well, actually, it is. You see, mobile phones emit radiation, and that makes a big difference. Here’s a look at the health risks associated with mobile phone radiation.

EMF from mobile phones

Here’s an unpleasant fact: when you turn on your phone and place the gadget to your ear in order to make a phone call, 10 to 80% of the radiation (electromagnetic frequency) penetrates about two inches into your brain. It’s incredible, but it’s true – in a study, about 70% of people who use mobile phones experienced disturbances in brain wave activity. And here’s what’s truly amazing about it: this fact has been known for a long time and is widely applied in the insurance industry.

UntitledSome health problems associated with EMF

The electromagnetic frequency caused by mobile phones (and other electrical and electronic devices, such as computers, microwaves, and so on) interfere with the natural electrical conducts of our body, including our brain, and this can lead to various illnesses and ailments. EMF has been linked to:

  • Cancers, including brain tumors and melanoma
  • Reduced melatonin
  • Impaired immune system
  • Headaches and nausea
  • Memory loss
  • Interference in sleep patterns and brain waves, memory loss
  • Fatigue
  • Eye problems


Is there anything you can do?

As a matter of fact, there are several things you can do. This is because we can limit the amount of exposure in two ways: by limiting the time we are exposed, and by distancing ourselves from the object that creates the EMF. Make short calls. SMS instead. Use headphones and keep your phone away. Store your phone in your bag, not your pocket. You can also use specially-made shields that protect you from EMF, such as those from Also, don’t sleep beside your mobile phone.

Whether the problem is truly as serious as it appears, nobody can say for sure – the issues have to be studied thoroughly and two decades is hardly enough time to study the long-term effects of EMF from phones. Truth is, the problem could even be much worse than professionals currently suspect. However, in the meantime, it may be good to know that brain surgeons limit the use of their mobile phones and counsel patients to never hold them to their ears. It’s good advice. You can do the same, too.

Jul 27

Why Professional Home Care Services for Your Loved One can be a Great Decision for Everyone

Caring about a loved one with special needs can be truly exhausting – anyone who’s had to do it for a while can attest to that. Yes, there is an amazing amount of satisfaction to be gotten from it, and yes, there is integrity in being there and doing the right thing; but it can be frustrating, time-consuming, and confusing at other times, simply because of the nature of the work. It requires patience and commitment. Luckily, however, there is a solution: home care services. It’s not just great for those who wish to age gracefully, manage a disability, or recover from an illness – it’s often the right thing to do for family members as well. Here’s why professional home care services for your loved one can be a great decision for everyone.

It’s professional

Caregiving is not just helping with basic tasks – often there are many special needs to consider, and these can only be given by people who have received special training and have undergone specific educational programmes. Professional caregivers offering care at home can even formulate care programmes, assess the needs of the patient, and act appropriately in case of emergency.

Untitled1Better quality of life

The fact that the care is given in the patient’s home, or in a relative’s home, means a lot – it allows the patient to be in a comfortable and familiar environment, and this automatically translates into a higher and better quality of life. Being surrounded by memories (photographs and memorabilia of family), being able to receive visitors – these are all important factors for the patient’s state of mind.

Specialised care

Each client or patient is different – even those with the same ailment or those suffering from the same or similar conditions will have specialised needs that are unique to their own. It’s that personal touch that makes caregiving extra special.

Improved social contacts

Employing professional home caregivers through live in care agencies allow the family members to spend more quality time together – often the actual act and worries of caregiving interfere with that quality time if family members are responsible for the caregiving.

And here’s another great advantage that many people overlook or fail to understand: it’s about independence. Caregivers provide assistance that allows patients to have greater independence. Patients are presented with a variety of choices that cater to their specific needs, and thus they feel more in control – and are less hesitant in asking for assistance. The feeling of liberation this provides is an important factor in recovery and the quality of life. Home care professionals understand the patients and take into account not only their needs, but their wishes as well. It’s not just about health – it’s about happiness, after all.

Jul 26

Few Reasons Why Mineral Based Sunscreens Are Better Than Chemical Ones

The harmful rays of the sun can cause damage your skin. It is hence important to protect the skin in order to maintain its vitality and glow.

Mineral sunscreen

The harmful UV rays of the sun can cause extreme damage to the skin. While certain degree of sun exposure may be necessary to help the body get Vitamin D, over exposure may increase the risk of various types of skin cancers like Melanoma. Sunscreens can help block the harmful rays of the sun and hence can reduce the risk of the different types of skin cancers. The ingredients contained in sunscreens also help to keep the skin healthy.

Amongst the various types of sun blocking products available in the market, people generally prefer mineral sunscreens over chemical ones. While chemical sunscreens tend to absorb the rays of the sun, mineral based sunscreens effectively block the UV rays and reflect them. The non absorption of sun’s rays reduces the risk of various types of skin cancers.

Benefits of mineral sun blocking products

Mineral sun blocking products offer a number of advantages. Few of them include:

  • They contain natural ingredients that help to soothe the skin.
  • These sunscreens not only block sun rays but also help in moisturizing the skin.
  • The sunscreens are free from oxybenzone which is usually found in chemical sunscreens and has a high tendency of causing allergic reactions.
  • Mineral based sun blocking products do not contain artificial fragrances that cause skin irritations.
  • The sunscreens are free of parabens which cause a number of health issues and increase the risk of cancer causing tumors.
  • The antioxidants present in these sunscreens offer protection to the skin.
  • The organic ingredients present in these sunscreens provide high SPF coverage and are hence suitable for intense exposure to the sun.

The components of mineral sun blocking products

Mineral sunscreens for face consist of natural ingredients like oat protein, coconut, goji berry, Vitamin A, E and C, chamomile, safflower, avocado, cucumber and aloe. The zinc oxide and titanium dioxide present in these sunscreens offer protection from the harmful UVB and UVA rays of the sun which cause skin damage. Ingredients like green tea leaf extracts prevent skin burning and reduce the risk of various types of skin cancers.

The ingredients present in these sunscreens help the skin to remain smooth and firm. The appearance of wrinkles is also reduced with regular usage of these products which contain peptides. The peptides help in stimulation of collagen synthesis which improves the elasticity of the skin. The antioxidant properties of Ubiquinone produce anti ageing effects while the skin cells are hydrated due to the presence of Sodium Hyaluronate.

Mineral based sunscreens can effectively offer protection and can help maintain the youthfulness and radiance of the skin. They possess a number of advantages over chemical sunscreens.

If you are looking for sunscreens that contain natural and organic products, you may consider Soleil Toujours products. The mineral based sunscreens offer protection from the harmful sun rays and reveal a youthful and radiant skin. You can visit their website and browse through the catalogue of products.


Jun 25

How to Overcome Common Barriers to Weight Loss

You may have resolved to lose weight several times in your life, but it’s easier said than done. We all love to think we are ready to start slimming down after making our annual resolution at the beginning of the year, but June creeps up surprisingly fast, and we all find that we need to kick it into high gear if we’re going to be swimsuit ready before we hit the pool.


However, the reason why it’s often so hard to lose weight isn’t because the formula to losing weight is so difficult, it’s because we often have several barriers to overcome before we are ready to lose weight. Here is how to overcome common barriers to weight loss.


Set Realistic Goals for Yourself

You may see the images of pop stars or body builders and imagine what it would be like to have a similar body, but when you set your weight loss goals, you want to be very realistic. You will not be able to safely lose more than about two pounds per week, so there’s no sense in expecting more of yourself than you can manage in a healthy way.


Change Your Diet

You can’t expect to lose any weight if you don’t adjust your diet. There are all kinds of fad diets out there that claim you can lose weight without changing what you eat, but none of them work for the long-term. If you want to see lasting change, then you need to alter the way that you eat. In general, you should cut out as many sources of refined sugar and saturated fat as possible. You should also avoid processed foods and increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Find a Workout Regimen You Enjoy

One of the greatest barriers to losing weight that most people have is that they don’t enjoy working out. However, it usually just takes time to discover what kinds of activities really get you excited. Whether it’s cycling, running, lifting weights, doing Pilates or playing racquetball, you want to find your calling. You might want to sign up for a membership at your local gym or YMCA and start exploring the different classes and programs available to you.


Incentivize Good Habits

You always want to make yourself look forward to something as a reward for your compliance with your diet and workout regimen. Choose one day of the week when you get to eat an ice cream bar, but don’t let yourself indulge unless you make it to the gym at least 3 times in the week. Or you can treat yourself to a little shopping spree at the mall when you successfully hit a weight loss milestone.


Keep Track of Your Progress

You won’t be able to see much improvement if you’re not paying attention to your progress. That’s why you want to make sure you’re tracking your weight by keeping a scale in your bathroom, and test your blood pressure at the drug store each week to see if you can detect any improvement. The more progress you make, the more encouraged you will feel, and the more motivated you will be to make more progress.

Jun 05

Steroids Clinical information


Types of steroids.

There are two types of steroids, anabolic and catabolic. Anabolic steroids build muscle tissue while catabolic has the opposite effect. Athletes who use steroids are opting for the anabolic type. Anabolic steroids effectively build mass in the muscle by stimulating the body to produce more protein, the building blocks of muscle tissue.

In medical terms anabolic steroids are referred to as androgenic anabolic steroids. While in general terms they are meant for muscle building efforts. These muscle building steroids comes under the class of synthetic derivatives of testosterone that contributes to the promotion of muscle and bone growth. It increases the cell division and cell growth that result in the development of muscles, bones and tissues.

Different forms of anabolic steroids.

Some of the popular muscle building steroids that clinically studied have revealed include Dianabol (methandrostenolone), Anadrol (oxymetholone), Testosterone, Anavar (oxandrolone), Anadur (nandrolone hexylphenylpropionate), AndroGel (testosterone), Andriol (testosterone undecanoate), Danocrine (danozol), Cheque Drops (mibolerone) and much more. Muscle building anabolic steroids are available only under prescriptions of doctors. In medical field, anabolic steroids are used to treat certain medical conditions, such as impotence, delayed puberty etc. that occurs due to abnormal amounts of testosterone production. Certain muscle building steroids are used to treat the uncontrollable weight loss in some wasting diseases such as AIDS which result in the loss of lean muscle mass.

Importance of male using steroids.

Males taking steroids can experience increased testicular growth, thicker and faster growing hair, and can develop a deeper, sexier voice. Great, right? Well, read on for more side effects. Males who take steroids for too long or in high amounts can contract physical conditions like baldness and breast development or the breakdown of the liver and jaundice. They can also develop psychological problems like depression and extreme aggression and mood swings. Sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and infertility have also been linked to steroid use. So, how steroids build muscle and how steroids affect the rest of your life should be weighed carefully.

Muscle building and steroids.

Muscle building is generally used by bodybuilders, athletes and weight lifters to build their strength, muscle mass, stamina etc. However, use of anabolic steroids for competitive purposes is legally prohibited. Over consumption of steroids may lead to cholesterol problems, blood clots, liver disease etc. it is necessary and essential consult a doctor before taking any type of muscle building anabolic steroids. Buy anabolic steroids from the most reliable stores in your area. Never compromise with your health. Search online to get some bodybuilding shops that offer different types of quality steroids at most competitive rates.


Steroids usage of by athletes.

Steroids are sometimes used by athletes and sportsmen to enhance their performance in very short span of time. Use of steroids increase their stamina and capabilities. For sportsmen these drugs work like dream. There are numerous by which Anabolic steroids can be taken; first and the most widely used one is taking them orally. Secondly liquid steroid are taken by injection into the muscles. Third way is via skin patches, which slowly release the drug in blood through skin


May 25

Erect on Demand –The benefits

Erect on Demand pertains with ancient Peruvian brew recipe. As per Josh Harding Erectile dysfunction is caused due to the poor blood flow and also loss of the sensitivity in the penile is another primary cause for this. Since this condition is a physical problem many of the pills will not be able to provide a permanent solution for this. The attractive part of this e book is that we can make our own capsule. This book also includes boner brew cocktail recipe. The ingredients in Erect on demand increase the nitric oxide level. Nitric oxide makes the blood vessels easier to make the blood and nutrients flow through all parts of the body. Read further to know more –

images (6)

Benefits of Erect on Demand

  • This program recommends on certain exercises which help to strengthen the body abs, shoulder and the chest. This may lead to a healthy sexual life.
  • Testosterones are those which are the primary source necessary for the sexual drive. This program helps with different ways that are necessary for the development of Testosterones.
  • This system helps in with the recommendation of various nutritious food and enzymes that can prevent the cause of erectile dysfunction and help to prevent the heart problems. Click here for the review!
  • Some of the people are having certain misconceptions about the erectile dysfunction. This system gives a solution for all these confusions.
  • Erect on Demand helps the men educated with the tips for proper long-lasting erection without having any pills or treatment .This also explains about the benefits of having the food with the nutrients as mentioned in the system.
  • There are a number of exercises that strengthens the muscles over the sex organs and also increases the blood flow there by increasing the erectile time.
  • Erect on Demand gives a description on the enzymes, polypeptides and amino acids including other ingredients that are necessary to prevent the problem.
  • This helps with the procedure on how to consume the nutrients and to maintain a proper diet.
  • Another important feature for the Erect on demand is that if the person feels that he had not received proper result from this system he can request for the refund. There is a 60 days money back guarantee.
  • In order to receive better results from this program a person should read and understand the program. He should also include all the dietary supplements recommended by the program and should intake for at least a period of one week. On the purchase of Erect on Demand 5 another reports are also included as bonus.
  • This program helps a person to regain his self confidence and maintains a sense of intimacy among the couples.
  • Along all these positive factors this also includes many ways that are useful for a strong and erection which lasts for a long time.
  • This technique can also be used by the people who want to increase the size and to enhance their stamina.


May 17

A wide range of anabolic steroids that is safe for body building


Steroids are a group of cyclic organic compounds found naturally in plants and animals. They are over a hundred distinct naturally occurring steroids in pants animas and fungi. They are responsible for certain life functions at certain levels. Cholesterol, testosterone, bile acids and estradiol are some of the important steroids found in the human body of which estradiol and testosterone are called as sex steroid.

Testosterone steroid extensively used by body builders all over the world

The steroid testosterone has gained prominence not just for its influence on the male secondary sexual characters but also as an agent that promotes body building. In fact many body builders globally use the synthetic anabolic steroids for building muscles. So what are the anabolic steroids?

Anabolic steroids are also known as anabolic-androgenic steroids or AAs where they are structurally related to steroids having a similar ring structure. They have all the properties of testosterone and thus when taken have androgenic effect on men. These properties include development and maintenance of muscles.


Effects of lack of testosterone in men

Lack of the steroids in men leads to low libido, decrease in muscle mass and also size, depression is also one of the symptoms in male deficient in testosterone.  Thus the anabolic steroids are used for both health care purpose in case of deficiency and also for body building purposes where there are no side effects as they are the synthetic ones unlike the natural ones.

There are various synthetic steroids where the aim of the products is to aid in body building. Thus athletes and body builders all over the world use these as they are the legal steroids.

Uses of these steroids

These Steroids help in muscle building and maintenance by increasing protein synthesis which is required for muscle growth which is important in body building. They also reduce the recovery time used after wearing of muscles after intense workouts by having a blocking effect on the stress hormone released during that time which is the hormone cortisol. Thus they reduce the catabolic stage of body building and increase the anabolic period which leads to increase in muscle mass.

British steroids can be used by athletes as well as they are legal steroids. They are very helpful for weight loss as well as they help in reduction of fat by preventing them from depositing in the muscle cells.

Advantages of using these steroids

One of the advantages of using these steroids is that they are released in the market only after undergoing extensive clinical trials. This also suggests the safety of these products which can be used for personal and sports purposes. They also come in a wide range of injectable which are legal and also oral ones which are normally preferred as they are directly taken through the mouth. The fact that long term usage of these steroids has no severe long term side effects is yet another bonus of using these steroids due to the fact that these products are well studied ensuring safety for usage by humans. Check out the Steroid Reviews today!


May 11

What are the active ingredients in kratom?

The kratom isolated 25 alkaloids. The most abundant alkaloids consist of three two-indoles and oxindoles.

The effects of kratom

In small doses (10 grams) it produces mild euphoria and reduces fatigue. Low doses do not interfere with most ordinary activities; however, you should not drive a vehicle or perform other activities that require your full attention. At high doses (20-50 g) felt a deep euphoria and becomes unthinkable nice. Generally, people describe the effects as dreamy, causing delight and bliss. Many people watch the visualization with eyes closed. Strong doses must only be used when there is an opportunity to take a few hours for a test trip.

The leaves of kratom are ground and eaten, usually washed down with drinking warm water, tea or coffee. The leaves can be emptied into the tea or extracts can be made from crude resin. This resin extract is prepared by preparing an aqueous extract of the leaves, boiling, and then by rolling it into a small ball.

download (3)

Growing kratom

Kratom is an evergreen tree, whose biological name Mytragyna speciosa. It grows in central and southern Thailand, as well as in a number of other Asian countries in the tropics and subtropics also in the swamps of Africa.

Kratom is needed for successful development of wet-rich fertilizers and most fertile soil and also quite high temperatures (above 15 degrees Celsius). Reproduction of kratom is carried out mainly by cuttings; as kratom seeds for germination should be very fresh.

There is information that plants grown from seeds (if you still happen to grow them), it will contain in their leaves a much smaller amount of alkaloid, and hence it can only grow as ornamental indoor plants. For kratom humidity should be 100%. Much more stable clones kratom.

Also on the content of alkaloids in the leaves quite possibly have the effect of stress experienced by the plant in the wild: the heat, rainfall, wind. These factors increase the alkaloid content.

Plants grown in colder climates contain far fewer alkaloids than with plants from hot climates. But in the subtropics and a number of active compounds in the leaves of kratom are different in different seasons. For example, in late winter and spring, the alkaloid content is low, but at the end of the summer, autumn and early winter, the leaves are extremely powerful. The truth is evidence of the dependence of alkaloids in the leaves of the tree Kratom on the season are not confirmed scientifically.

Despite all this, it is possible to grow kratom home when grown in fertile soil and ensure a high level of humidity. Kratom needs humus-rich moist soil, which is necessary to fertilize, and provide sufficient aeration, as this plant is susceptible to defeat by a fungus.

Young cuttings kratom require little shade, unlike mature trees. Also, kratom can grow hydroponically, and gas-discharge lamps, HPS and fluorescent lamps with a good blowing.

May 02

Know the Difference: Vascular and Endovascular Treatment

When it comes to healthcare and healthcare treatments, most people only know the very basics. This is because, barring any major health problems or incidents, these people do not need to know about all of the different medical specialties and the treatment options available to them. However, once you do develop a specific health issue, this information becomes very important. If you have recently been diagnosed with a vascular or cardiovascular disorder or ailment, you may have quickly become aware of the existence of vascular health specialists.

However, you may still be unclear about some of the treatments they provide, specifically regarding the differences between vascular and endovascular treatments. Get to know some of the key differences so that if you are told you need endovascular or vascular surgery here in Bergen County, New Jersey, you can better understand what will happen next.

images (7)

What Do Vascular and Endovascular Mean?

Vascular and endovascular are terms that have very similar meanings. However, the slight difference between them makes all the difference in the world when it comes to treatment approaches. Vascular refers to anything pertaining to the blood vessels and arteries and the treatment of conditions of those parts of the body. Endovascular also refers to those same parts of the body, but the term also refers to being inside of the blood vessels and arteries.

How Do They Differ In Terms Of Treatment?

The idea of vascular surgery refers to several different procedures to treat conditions of the blood vessels like deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, and other more serious conditions pertaining to blockages and even blood clots and aneurisms. On the other hand, endovascular surgery refers to a more specific method of surgery.

Endovascular surgery uses a laparoscopic surgical approach. While vascular surgery can take many different approaches and may involve larger incisions (also referred to as open surgeries), endovascular surgical procedures are deigned to always be minimally invasive. Endovascular treatments developed to make the treatment of vascular conditions easier to go through and heal from and can treat many of the same conditions as vascular treatments.

Which Treatment Is Right For You?

When given the choice, most patients and doctors alike would opt for an endovascular surgery over a vascular surgery. However, some conditions and situations do still require more maneuverability and a larger visual field for the surgeon.

For example, arterial bypass, which is a vascular procedure, involves rerouting the flow of blood to avoid a varicose vein or blockage in a vein. Because the blood flow need to be clamped during surgery, the problem vein cut and sealed, and then the clamped portion of the vein attached to another vein, your surgeon need to make a larger initial incision to complete the surgery safely and successfully. As such, both vascular and endovascular surgeries have their place in the treatment of vascular health conditions.

Now that you better understand the difference between endovascular and vascular treatments, you can better prepare yourself for your future treatments and meetings with your physicians.

Apr 20

Finding Relief for Heartburn

If you have heartburn, you know how much it can affect your life. You may have to follow a restricted diet, or you might have trouble sleeping or exercising. If you suffer from heartburn, there are several things you can do to combat the symptoms.


Understanding Heartburn

As with anything, one of the keys to solving a heartburn issue is understanding the causes behind it. The painful sensation is known as heartburn, or acid indigestion, is caused by stomach acid when it isn’t contained to the stomach as is should be. Stomach acid is necessary for digestion, and doesn’t cause any issues when it is located in the stomach. Sometimes, however, the acid can escape upwards into the oesophagus (the tube that connects the throat and the stomach). The oesophagus does not have the same protective lining that the stomach does, so there isn’t any protection from the acid. Stomach acid in the oesophagus can cause inflammation and even internal damage, which contributes to a painful, fiery sensation in the chest and throat. This is known as heartburn.

While there are some other rare causes, most of the time heartburn is due to gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD), in which acid reflux causes inflammation in the oesophagus. Some triggers for GERD are consuming certain foods, such as those high in fat or acid content. Pregnant women often suffer from GERD as well. Usually the heartburn sensation is worse immediately after eating, or when lying down.


There are many treatments for heartburn. Some are available over the counter whereas others require a prescription. It is best to talk to a doctor when figuring out what treatment will work best for you, as the different medications work in unique ways to combat separate causes. One of the most common over the counter treatments is ingesting an antacid such as calcium carbonate. Antacids work by temporarily neutralising the acid due to a chemical reaction. This usually relieves the pain, but doesn’t actually treat any of the causes of heartburn. Another option is a medication such as Zantac, which actually changes the way stomach acid is produced. It reduced the amount and concentration of stomach acid, so there is a reduced risk of acid escaping into the oesophagus. This type of medication can control heartburn symptoms for up to 24 hours.

If you suffer from heartburn, you know that it can have a large, negative effect on your daily life. There are a few different causes of heartburn, as well as a variety of over the counter and prescription treatments. For cases where heartburn only occurs occasionally, such as following a meal of spicy food, taking an antacid to relieve the symptoms may be enough. However, more serious cases of GERD that cause daily heartburn may require a more intense treatment. If you are unsure of the cause or best treatment for your heartburn, it is best to talk to a doctor. You may need to try a few different treatments before finding the one that works best for you.


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